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Online Slots & Casino Games Always Choose the Best Casino

The first thing any Blackjack player will have at the forefront of his mind when he is thinking of sitting down to play Blackjack online is that the game can be beaten. This however doesn’t mean that every time he plays Blackjack he will end his session massively in profit, in fact, to be a successful Blackjack player you should know that it is a very hard grind to make a profit playing Blackjack.

It is a battle against you and the casino, and the savvy Blackjack player will arm himself with as much information as possible, as there are loads of different Blackjack games out there and they all come with different rules and payouts.

House Edge

A good strategy is to first find a Blackjack variant that has a very low House Edge. This is the expected profit that a casino can expect to win over the long term. This house edge can vary greatly but if you are playing online then one game you should head for is a game that is found only at Microgaming powered casinos. That game is Classic Blackjack and it has a tiny house edge of 0.13%.

If however, you prefer playing at Playtech-powered online casinos then one game that just jumps off the screen at you is Blackjack Switch which has a low house edge of just 0.16%.

Ok, so you have now chosen a low-house edge Blackjack game what next? Well, you should now arm yourself with one of our Strategy Cards. These will show you every single move you should make when playing Blackjack. They require no thought on your part! Simply follow them religiously to play to optimum strategy.

So once you have found your chosen low-house edge Blackjack game and grabbed one of our strategy cards, you will now need to set yourself a budget, this is covered in our Money Management section. It will show you how much to play with and how to lock in a profit or limit your losses when playing Blackjack online.

Practice Your Game

One thing you should do before playing for real money is get some practice in, and you can do this by playing our range of free-play Blackjack games. We have loads of them available to play directly from our site.

Each game is powered by flash so you have no software to download and they come packed with free play credits to give you plenty of opportunities to put your Blackjack skills to the test. Finally, once you are happy you know what you are doing then track down one of our Blackjack Bonuses that are currently being offered by our featured online casinos.

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