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Getting paid a little extra is always an enjoyable experience and several online Blackjack games offer special bonus payout’s once you manage to get dealt certain hands. In this part of the website we shall take a closer look at these bonus payouts and where you can find such games online.

One Blackjack variant that offers you the chance of making an optional side bet is High Streak Gold Series Blackjack, this starts kicking out bonus payout’s once you get onto a winning streak. Once you win your second consecutive game then your side bet will kick out a payout of even money, should your next hand win then you will also get a payout of 2-1, if the next hand is yours then a payout of 5-1 will be forthcoming and should your next hand also win then you will be paid out at odds of 10-1.

The software company that makes this game is Microgaming and one of the best Blackjack sites powered by them is Blackjack Ballroom, which has an interesting new player bonus that gives you $500 of the casino’s own money and you have one hour to win as much as you can!

Super 21 Bonus Game

Another bonus paying Blackjack game, and one that requires no additional side bet is Super Fun 21 Blackjack, and this game will give you a payout of 2-1 should you manage to get a Blackjack in the suit of Diamonds, you will also benefit from a bonus payout of 2-1 should your hand be worth 21 in total and you have been dealt 6 or more cards.

This game is only available at Microgaming-powered sites, and you can play for free or for real money with a new player bonus worth up to $90 over at another of our recommended sites that are Desert Dollar.

Progressive Game

Playtech have an excellent bonus-paying Blackjack game and this is made possible thanks to their Progressive Blackjack variant, you will have to make a side bet to qualify for the bonus payout but these can be truly massive in value when you start hitting them!

If you manage to get 1 Ace your side bet pays out at odds of 5-1, 2 Aces pay 50-1, and if you get dealt 2 suited Aces then you will win a payout of 100-1 on your side bet! The payouts don’t end there, get 3 Aces in your hand and you will win a payout of 250-1, get dealt four of them and you will win a massive payout of 2500-1. Three suited Aces earn you a payout of 5000-1 and should you be lucky enough to get dealt 4 suited Aces then you will win the current progressive jackpot total!

Below are our featured Playtech-powered casinos that all carry the progressive Blackjack game and below you will also find their current new player bonuses, which as you will see are very generous.

City Club Casino – Have an excellent bonus offer, when you make your first deposit of $100 they will boost it up to $500! This offer is a multi-currency one so you can deposit and play and get the bonus in your home currency.

Europa Casino – Also has a multi-currency new player welcome bonus and this will allow you to claim up to a whopping $2400 in bonuses should you opt to play at their Playtech-powered casino.

Casino Tropez – Have one of the biggest new player bonuses of any Playtech-powered casino and theirs is worth up to $3000! You won’t find a bigger bonus than that!

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