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Caribbean Stud Poker is one poker variant that you must try. It is a cross between blackjack and poker and is pretty interesting with its very unique set of rules. Caribbean Stud Poker is based on the standard Poker game. It uses only one standard 52-card deck. It is fast becoming a popular fix in online sites and land-based spots as well with its very interesting challenges and impressive prize pots.

Caribbean Stud Poker puts your hand against the dealer’s hand. Only this time, you start by placing an ‘ante’ wager or an opening bet. After this bet is made, all players, including the dealer, are dealt five cards face down. The only face-up card on the table is the dealer’s fifth card. After the card draws, you will be given time to decide whether to place a wager on the play area, which is equivalent to the ante bet or fold and withdraw the ante bet on the play.

After the participants make their decisions, the dealer’s cards are revealed. If the dealer has an Ace-King hand or better, he will be able to challenge the player’s hands. If the dealer’s than yours and you have decided to play, you lose your play bets. If you’re then that of the dealer you will get a payout for both your wagers equivalent to the value of your hand ranking. Is not impressive enough, he will fold and pay the players an amount equal to the ante wager. The play wagers placed are then given back to their owners in this case.

The payout table is different with every casino. Then again, the hand ranking is almost the same. The Royal Flush, the Straight Flush, and the Four of a Kind are the three highest-paying hands. If you get any of them during a card draw, you can call yourself a big winner, based on the amount that could be paid your way.

But wait, there’s more. If you bet a certain amount at Caribbean Stud Poker, you can qualify for the progressive game, which gives you an opportunity to win a growing jackpot if you hit the highest-ranking hand. Progressive Jackpots are clearly amazing. They can make you rich if you are darn lucky. Remember though that involving yourself on a progressive Caribbean Stud Poker also means subjecting your bankroll to greater risks.

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