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Casino Marketing Strategies

Casinos spend billions around the world through online and offline advertising channels to entice people to come and gamble with them. The casino gaming market is massive, with about 4.2 billion people gambling at least annually.

Understanding casino marketing – as well as the strategies that go into claiming a slice of this multi-billion dollar industry – is all a part of developing a successful casino brand. However who is your target market? How do they play into shaping your marketing strategy?

Market Beyond The Casino Floor

Despite the fact that the Baby Boomers and Generation Xers may spend 80% of their casino money on gaming, not all casino visitors look for the same kind of enjoyment. In fact, Millennials put aside 70% of their travel budget for food, entertainment, together with non-gaming services.

Any casino marketing strategy that is worth its weight will target content for entertainment-seekers as well as hardcore gamers. Maybe a future concert or event, a menu item at your restaurant, or theme night at your club will attract visitors. Have a good understanding of what each consumer segment wants, and then design the appropriate messaging around it.

Utilise Social Proof

Consumers will nearly always trust each other far more than your brand. Be it the recommendations received from friends or online reviews from outsiders on the internet; prospective customers tend to listen to each other. The notion of social proof would explain the notion that people tend to copy what they adore. Here are several ways that you can market your casino with social proof:

  • Posting photos and videos of the last few winners on screens all over the casino
  • Showing very positive online reviews on your social media profile
  • Checking out and responding to online reviews and comments regarding your casino
  • Urging guests to share their casino gaming experience on social media and tag your casino
  • Recording video testimonials from satisfied players and guests.

Take Advantage Of Influencer And Affiliate Marketing

Partner up with social media influencers and affiliates who are within the gambling industry, who can promote your services via reviews, game tutorials, podcasts, together with live streaming of gameplay.

Get Value From Your Customers To Generate Profits And Customer Quality

A total of 99.9% of people read reviews carefully and 98% find these essential. This means that to ensure your business is booming, your customers need to become your main salespeople for your brand. To show off your social proof you can entice your customers to share their experiences with you to make the most of this precious commodity.

Now that it’s exceptionally easy to share your thoughts online, it’s quite important to make sure that you keep your casino’s customer reviews stellar. Reviews about the online pokies New Zealand players can enjoy, the banking Australians have access to, or the support Americans receive have the very real power to make or break your business, irrespective of the industry. Before you spend serious money gambling, a lot of casino goers do deep research first. Keep in mind that consumer perception is everything, so you need to manage it well, so that your business can thrive.

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