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“Craps Put Bet”

If you are not familiar with what a “Put Bet” is, now would be a good time to familiarize yourself with this small tutorial.  The majority of craps players have never even heard of a “Put Bet”, let alone how to incorporate it into their playing strategy. To understand the “Put Bet”, you must first have some rudimentary knowledge about the game of craps. If you don’t know how to play, there are many tutorials available to help you learn the basics.  Most frequently, this bet is seen in the middle of the game, when a seemingly complete stranger walks up to the table and plays the point number.

An odds bet can also be placed on the “Put Bet”, increasing the amount of money that can be won on the wager.  Generally, because of the disadvantage this bet causes a gambler, it’s generally a good idea to forget this betting method altogether.  However, there are rare instances where a “Put Bet” can be a valuable asset to the game.  When the house allows a lot of Odds, the idea of placing a “Put Bet” is a highly tempting course of action.  An additional type of “Put Bet” comes in the form of a “Come” bet that is placed without having to go through the Come bets come out roll.

Another type of “Put Bet” can be added to the pass line bet after the initial “Pass Line” bet has been placed.  Usually, only the richest players in the game will risk placing “Put Bets”, and as a general rule of thumb for less financially fortunate players: Stay away from this type of bet altogether.  While inside the casino, you may experience some temptation to be part of the rich group and place an irresponsible bet.  Depending on who you are, it’s wise to deny the temptation.  Unless of course, you can easily bounce back from a big loss should it occur.  We’ve all seen it, a high-rolling group of players will challenge each other to make the highest bets and engage in a playful sort of competition.  While it may be a lot of fun and a great source of instant gratification, soon after the bet is over the thrill is gone along with your cash.

There are online casinos that accept US players and they offer craps games in which you can practice the put bet. Now that you know the three types of “Put Bet”, it’s up to you to find more in-depth tutorials that can teach you how to make the most of this betting type.  Knowing how to become a smart gambler may be a rough road, but it doesn’t have to be a fruitless endeavor altogether.  Considering the “Put Bet” is a risky business to start with, including it in your gambling repertoire should take low priority on your list of skills to learn.  This bet can be a load of fun though, and might just impress someone rich enough to show you a good time.

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