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Before you play the game of poker, you should know about the different types of hands that exist. In fact, it is absolutely essential that you do. Technically, you can win with all the different hands in poker games, but the degree of your win and the kind of money you can make will naturally differ. So here are all the different poker hands described in detail.

The Different Hands in Poker

  • Royal Flush – This is a really tough hand to get and it is also rare for you to get it. But of course, this hand is extremely valuable too. But they will all be from the same suit. For example, you will need to have all these cards from hearts or diamonds.
  • Straight Flush – This is the second hand. Here the cards are arranged in numerical order. It can be in a descending or ascending order. Once again, the cards need to be from the same suit. For example, you may have the Jack, Queen, King, Ace, two, three and four. Or you may have five, six, seven, eight, and nine. This is also a rare hand to have in the poker game.
  • Four-of-a-Kind – If you want to know about the different hands in poker, then you should know about this one too. Here, you must have 4 cards with the same number, and there should be one random card. Thus, the cards you have will obviously be from different groups. For instance, you may have four spades or four hearts.
  • Flush – Here you must have five cards from the same group. It does not matter what numbers you have. Of course, you can have more than five similar cards as well, but you should have a minimum of five. For instance, you could have five cards from spades, eight cards from spades, and six cards from hearts.
  • Straight – Here there are five cards and they are all arranged in numerical order. Once again, it is not necessary for these cards to be from the same suit. The player who has the best ranking cards will win the hand.

In short, these are the different hands in poker. There are a few other hands too, such as three-of-kind, one pair, high card, and two pair. You should get a good understanding of these hands before you play poker.

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