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Keno is arguably one of the simplest games around. Keno is played just like the lotto or the lottery because all you have to do is to pick several numbers and Lady Luck will take care of you. Keno is played on a ticket of 80 numbers. You choose up to 15 numbers and mark them on the ticket. The casino randomly draws 20 numbers and your prize depends on how many of your marked numbers showed up on the draw results and the amount of money you wagered. Naturally, if all your 15 numbers were drawn you get the highest possible prize amount.

Keno has been played for more than 2,000 years and is now experiencing a new level of popularity in casinos and betting stations all over the world. And why not? Aside from its simplicity, keno offers the chance of winning a huge sum of money in exchange for a much smaller bet.  Bet in keno would net about not a life-changing fortune but definitely a big sum for most people.

Another advantage of playing keno is the low cost of play. At a casino, you are expected to shell out hundreds of dollars playing in high-stakes poker, blackjack, and baccarat tables. But with keno, you don’t have to worry about looking rich in front of other people. You can play keno for just a few dollars and nobody will mind unless of course you get lucky and win.

However, winning is not the only reason why some people love to play keno. Winning money would be great, but the fun and entertainment value of playing keno is what attracts even serious gamblers to try their luck in the game. Many die-hard gamblers play keno in between their blackjack and poker games to relax their minds and nerves.

Keno actually doesn’t require much concentration and skill to play. Many keno players do other things like eating, drinking, and chatting while waiting for the game results or a new keno game to start. And since there is no skill involved in playing keno, you can try all sorts of number combinations like you’re lucky numbers or anything that comes into your mind. You can even make patterns into your keno ticket just like you would with a bingo card!

The only drawback with keno is the ridiculously high house edge or casino advantage. With as much as 25% house edge, compared to 5-10% for slots and roulette, keno is one of the most disadvantageous games to the player. However, keno players don’t mind the high house edge because most players don’t play it for serious gambling but for entertainment.

Despite the disadvantage, keno remains a very popular game. If you want to try playing keno, do so for entertainment reasons and not for serious gambling. Keno is not a game that can be turned into a livelihood, but with luck, you can win big money with just a few dollars.

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