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Since this is a game similar to a lottery and referred to as a game of chance, there really isn’t too much strategy that one can study in order to excel in this game. Since every number is chosen at random, it is impossible to tell which number will come up next as every number left in the bowl has an equal chance of coming up. The basic purpose of this game is to win BIG while investing only a small amount to start with. This is where your strategy should come into play.

You don’t want to bet too high in this game. With a small bet, you have the potential to win a lot of money but odds are very low that you will win the big bucks. This is why it is not recommended to bet too high. Sure, you will end up with double the payout if you win, but you are also just doubling the amount of money you risk losing at the same time.

Your strategy will also have to come into play when choosing the number of numbers you want to play. Obviously the more you choose, the lower your odds will be of hitting all those numbers. It would be great to pick 20 numbers and hit all twenty, but the chances of that happening are like finding a needle in a haystack. You want to pick enough numbers that the payout will be worth it if you hit but not too many that you’ll never hit. So think about what you’re willing to win and stick to that.

For example, Say your initial bet is only $1, if you play 10 numbers and hit them all, you will win about $8000 (not bad) and if you only play 5 numbers you might win around $3000 (not as much but still pretty good). Although you would win a lot more if you bet more numbers, your chances of winning are much better when you played less. You have to decide how much is good enough for you to win in order to increase your chances of winning that amount.

There are no real systems or strategies that you can follow in order to be sure you hit, you just have to have fun and play smart. This game is meant for leisure and is easy so everyone can play, you’ll never feel pressure when playing this game. So play wisely and you never know when that big payout will come your way, hey, someone always wins, why it can’t be you?

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