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If you are feeling quite sociable and wish to play Roulette online alongside other players, then the game of Multi-Player Roulette may be right up your street! It is a standard European Roulette game that has the facility for you to play with several other players who could be living in any part of the world.

There is one main difference however with Multi-Player Roulette and all other standard single-player versions and that is you will always be playing against a timer, in regards to the time allocated for you to place your wagers, however, MicroGaming’s version will let you select from three different timers thus allowing you to pick the one you prefer.

There will be a total of three other players playing Multi-Player Roulette alongside yourself if you play the Microgaming software-powered version and to make playing a little less boring you can always strike up a conversation with those players via the on-screen chat room, which incidentally you can switch off if you don’t feel like chatting!

MultiPlayer Roulette & Roulette Bets and Payouts

As the base game on the Multi-Player Roulette variant is European Roulette then the payouts and betting options are fairly standard and as such to give you a reminder of what these all are you will find them listed in the table below.

You will of course be able to choose the value of your chips from those available on the screen and the maximum wagers you can play on all betting positions vary, however the minimum bet on them all is 1.00.

You will be able to place your wagers directly onto the Multi-Player Roulette table until the timer reaches zero at which point no further bets will be accepted.

There is a repeat bet button that you can play, and by clicking on it the last set of wagers you played will automatically be loaded onto the betting layout for you, meaning you do not have to place them all one by one.

One handy tip for playing Multi-Player Roulette and one which can be quite rewarding is to make sure you have become a member of the online casino’s comp club at the site where you are playing this game, as by signing up you will then earn comp points on every wager, win or lose, that you make.

These comp points will then accumulate in your comp club account and can be redeemed for additional free chips once you have saved up enough of them.

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