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NETeller: the most widely accepted payment processor for online poker sites and casinos.

NETeller Facts

1,250,000 NETeller customers

Over 1,500 online merchants accept payments

Over $3.4 billion in transactions processed in ’04

Located in Douglas, Isle of Man

NETeller has been in business taking care of millions of internet money transactions since 1999.

How to Fund your NETeller account?

NETELLER offers instant transfer methods: credit card deposits, inst cash bank account transfers, and transfers using the NETELLER ATM cards.

Making payments with NETeller

NETELLER also offers many payment options that other online systems do not, including regionally-specific options for North American and European clients (e.g. Internet banking).

Most poker rooms these days are accepting NETeller as their primary online banking source for players to make deposits and withdrawals. NETeller, however, does not accept withdrawals to business accounts–personal bank accounts only. Transferring money from Neteller to a poker cardroom or online casino is an instant process. However, transferring money from your bank to Neteller will take up to four days. It’s best to plan your transfers accordingly so that your Neteller balance remains intact so that you can always jump in a game.

How do I fund with FirePay?

Usually, the first transfer for my payment processors takes 1-3 business days. FirePay is no different. However, with FirePay Express Fund, users can signup, up and immediately transfer funds to a FirePay Personal Account. These funds can then be transferred to the online merchant of your choice. See participating FirePay Poker sites below.

  • Once you validate your bank account
  • Once your bank account has been validated, you can fund, withdraw, and pay merchants online using Firepay.
  • Benefits of using Firepay
  • Always real-time access to funds
  • Directing bank account funding – avoid credit card declines
  • FirePay provides Web-based access to detailed online statements displaying all your transactions.
  • Withdraw funds by EFT back to your bank account.
  • Receive payouts for amounts greater than the initial deposits made with FirePay.
  • Receive an email confirmation of all your transactions.

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