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Online Slots & Casino Games Always Choose the Best Casino

Just come to our online websites and play until you can play no more and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about, and find out for yourself what it feels like to be rich, rich, rich from gambling!! The night falls, and you are alone. You go to online gambling, slowly. You smile. It is waiting for you, as you knew it would. You place your bet; a small one at first, there will be plenty of opportunities to make a bigger one later. You reach out slowly, shyly at first and spin the roulette wheel with a power that startles even you. You didn’t know you had it in you. It starts to spin.

Around and around it goes and where it stops, nobody knows. Your heart starts beating wildly while you intone “six, six, six, six” again and again and again with an ever-increasing tempo. And still the wheel spins. You sweat. It is almost too much yet you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. Not now. “Six, six, six” you go. And then when it is almost too much, the wheel slows and stops. Deep breaths. You are exhausted yet fulfilled. You smile drunkenly and check the score and light a cigarette.

History of Online Slots

Beginning way back at the tail end of the nineteenth century, yet ever-changing, the history of the game now known as “slots” is a fascinating one. The introduction of online slots has taken yet another crucial event in the roller coaster ride slots to become one of America’s favorite forms of gaming entertainment. The technology for slots was first developed in the East, but a young entrepreneur by the name of Charles Fay is credited with developing and inventing the slot machine as we know it today.

The slots invented by Fay are referred to as the “Liberty Bell”. The Liberty Bell had three reels with different symbols, a coin pocket at the bottom, a handle on the right and a paid board. It was sturdily made of sheet metal on a brass frame. The machine has been enhanced in such a way that it would be instantly recognizable to a modern slot player. The popularity of the slot machine game was instantaneous and by 1909 there were 3200 licensed slots spread throughout San Francisco. However, by April of that year slots were effectively banned in California and the slot machine business went underground.

As the Great Depression reared its ugly head, “reform” politicians renewed their fight against slots, beginning in New York and California, until state by state, slots were once again banned. The industry took a turn for the worse, and by the time World War Two came around, the little-used slot machines were being used for scrap. In 1953 Nevada was the only state where slots were legal. However, this one state due to the popularity of the newly built Adult Disney Land was a fresh market for slots and gambling. With the development, the demand for slot machines began to rise again. Through the 90s and onwards to this day, popular gambling accounts for two-thirds of casino revenue.

Online Slot Tips

Before reading on, be forewarned, there is no major factor or strategy involved in winning online slots. Almost all the tips you will find come back to one key factor, managing your money. Luck plays a big part, so think Lucky! And read the following online slots tips:

If you’re lucky enough to win, whether big or small, don’t put it all back online slots. Keep a percentage for yourself, and add another percentage back in. This will ensure at the end of the gaming session that you walk away with at least some money.

When you play online, always have the casino’s phone number handy in case of a win or technical problems. Read the online casino rules. Different online casinos may have different rules. Always check before you start playing in a new online casino. Don’t try to chase the jackpot. Don’t expect a jackpot based on what’s popped up. Jackpots happen randomly.

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