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Caribbean stud poker begins with each player putting an ante. The players and the dealer receive five cards each. The difference between players and dealer is that the player’s five cards are dealt face down and four testing of the dealer will bend downward and upward. The rules state that each player can only see their own letters and those of anyone else.

The player can choose either to retire or raise the bet based solely on information obtained from the letter shown by the dealer. As this is stud poker, five cards are obtained which were used without modification. To increase the bet you must place double your bet in a box increase. Obviously, if you fold your cards and you lose your ante.

Basic Strategy Game:

Withdraw if less than an Ace and a King.

Go to the bet if: You have at least a pair or higher hand.

You have at least an Ace and a King and one of his other letters is equal to the letter shown by the dealer.

The casino advantage is about 5.2% based on the initial wager (or 2.6% based on the initial bet and the way to bet).

Do not make the progressive bet on the pot unless the amount of this is relatively high.

Compared to other online casino games, poker is recognized in many countries as a game of skill. While casinos and slot machines need to be lucky to win, poker is based on boldness. Another distinguishing factor of the game is played against other players and not against the casino. Poker is one of the few games where there is no house advantage. Casinos and poker rooms charge a small percentage of the total money wagered on each hand or set a fixed price in the tournaments.

In recent centuries, the poker industry has experienced steady growth, but it was not until the last decade the game really conquered the international market. During the 80s, poker became a genuine mass phenomenon globally thanks to the popularity of Texas Hold’em. Both in America and Europe, the gaming culture has spread so over the last thirty years that even the slang of poker is already part of everyday vocabulary.

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