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Most poker etiquette is common sense, try to be polite and respect other players at the table. This is no different when you play poker in an online poker room. They might not be ‘rules’ per se, but etiquette is important nonetheless.

Play Games for FREE first if you don’t fully understand them

When people are playing with others for real money, they expect that other players at the table know the game. Slowing them down and/or asking questions because you haven’t done your homework isn’t polite to do. Read the instructions first, play at a free table (all the online poker rooms we recommend have free play) to get the hang of things, and then go play at a real money table. Other players (and your pile of chips) will thank you.

Watch your Language

When you’re playing online you’re not usually surrounded by friends, so it’s polite to keep it clean.

Don’t get carried away with the Chat

Chat features are integrated into poker rooms for a reason to chat. But not everyone enjoys the distraction. Try to flow with the pace of the table, if people are chatty, talk away. If people aren’t, don’t. Also, reserve chatting for when it’s not your turn it’s rude to keep others waiting while you type. Being social is nice, but there’s a time to play and a time to talk.

Don’t be a Jerk

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but sometimes people forget. Don’t talk trash to other players or ‘rub it in’ when you’re up treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Try to keep Pace

Online poker rooms usually allow 30-60 seconds for a player to take their turn. This time limit is there to protect players in the event of internet delays or the occasional time when they’re not paying as much attention as they should be. The time is not there to be used up on every turn remember people are waiting for you, and games can get frustrating for all when people don’t keep a good pace. Most online poker rooms will allow you to select your upcoming action before it is even your turn, so do just that when appropriate.

Don’t make comments about a hand-in-progress

Folding and telling people what your hand was gives players an unfair advantage. Saying ‘and I had two aces!’ tells an active player there aren’t many aces left in the deck. Speculating on what players are left in the hand also tips people off. Don’t do it.

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