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Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, you have undoubtedly heard of the huge rise in the popularity of online poker over the last five or so years. What began as something that appealed mainly to poker enthusiasts has transformed into a favorite hobby for people from every walk of life.

So, what exactly has caused online poker to become so popular? Although there is not a single clear-cut factor, there are several components that seem to have contributed to the bulk of online poker’s increase in popularity. The first is the growth of professional poker tournaments being shown on television. With events like the World Series of Poker getting coverage on multiple major networks, it shouldn’t be surprising that televised poker has sparked an interest in countless individuals who would have otherwise never had any major interest in poker.

The other major factor, which ties into the first, is the fact that it truly is possible for someone to start playing poker at home and make it all the way to a major tournament. As more and more players from online poker rooms began winning major tournaments, people became increasingly interested in playing online poker in hopes of making it to a major tournament.

Although there have been multiple attempts by lawmakers to restrict the right of individuals to enjoy the game of online poker, it looks like online poker is much more than a fad. Regardless of what action is taken against online poker, its popularity continues to grow exponentially. To join the action, all you need to do is head over to a computer with an internet connection, sign-up with one of the countless popular online poker websites and start honing your poker skills and competing for the big bucks!

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