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Video poker is a widely known term for a kind of slot machine where you play poker at. Video Poker is essentially the classic card game poker. However, playing video poker is generally against a machine. Despite the apparent simplicity, it is worth knowing the rules. At least expect most machines’ payments between 95 and 100%.In the video poker begins again everything using. If they did use it, you get 5 cards. This is called a poker hand. To get a better hand, you can switch all 5 cards now maximum.

Of course, you keep good cards. Press the hold button and then click the cards you want to keep. If you then press deal, all cards that were not on hold are changed. Which now makes their final hand before which you 5 cards. It determines whether you win or lose. To decide whether a hand is good or bad, one must know the card and hand values and is explained below :

The card values in video poker

The hand in pokerThe hand in poker is the combination of certain card values. Finally, it should be the best combination to have, and we begin to. We look at the next combinations and then descend. In brackets, the score is usually awarded.

10 is the highest straight.

Three of a kind – also trips, drilling (15 points): 3 same card values in various game colours (e.g. cross 7, 7 hearts and spades 7).
Two pairs (10 points) – 2 couples of different game colours (e.g. heart 8 Spades 8 cross 10 and 10 diamonds). Note: the highest two ACEs and two Kings are pairs. One pair (5 points): 2 cards of the same value in-game colours (e.g. heart 6 and cross 6). Note: two ACEs are the highest pair. High card (0 points): this combination is not played. It is the lowest possible hand because the 5 cards have no connection and result in any of the above pictures. Only the highest card is acquired. The evaluation takes place as card values described above (the ACE is the highest, the 2 lowest cards). If you play video poker, you should expect a new game with 5 points fee deducted. Seen you make lousy, with the high card with one pair cover only use. ‘S is positive pairs actually really from the two.

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