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New online gambling laws in comes to providing services from other countries allowed to get involved with the local industry. Online gambling operators have praised the Danish approach to online gambling, and they hope that more EURO countries will follow in the near future. For now, many casinos and betting sites have expressed their wish to request a Danish license.

Belfair is one of the biggest names to express their support for the new online Gambling environment. By offering competitive and transparent games in a safe environment, casino operators, players and partners take advantage of this. Has been given the green light by EU authorities to implement a lower tax for online gambling services than the physical casinos.

As one of the most heavily taxed countries in the EURO, was able to make a big difference in the online gambling industry and that is exactly what they need. Online operators must pay a flat rate of 20 percent of their gross revenue. This stands in stark contrast to the 75 percent tax that physical operators face.

Denmark is the only country that will offer Online Casino licenses in the future. Spain and Germany are also on the list. With so many new opportunities, considering online operators how they can best expand into new markets. With the recent approval by the European Commission of the new Gaming Duties Act, Denmark is in a position to open new casino services worldwide.

This change will provide Danish players with access to online gambling services that are considered safe and well-regarded by the government. These players love slot machines and online poker, and it only gets better, as the new services come into the market.

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