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If you are new to playing blackjack then one thing you will need to know are the card values. Whilst this part of the website may seem obvious card values are something you need to know before you sit down to play.

  • The Ace in blackjack can have two values, it can be classed as one or eleven.
  • A two, which can also be given the name “Deuce” is worth two, not one of the best cards to get dealt!
  • A three of any suit is worth three, ideally, you could do with getting dealt an eight with this card.
  • No prizes for guessing what a four is worth, it is of course worth four.
  • One of the worst cards to get dealt a five is worth its face value which is five!
  • A six is worth six and whilst not the best cards to get dealt it isn’t the worst.
  • A seven is of course worth seven and is a mid-ranged card.
  • An eight is worth eight in value and you should know what to do when you get dealt a pair of them.
  • A nine is, as you would expect, worth nine in value
  • Tens, Jacks, Queens, or Kings are all worth Ten in value, get one of these cards with an Ace and you are a winner!

Hints and Tips

There is a lot to learn if you wish to become a better blackjack player, and once you get your head around the Basic Strategy you will then have to fully understand the Table Layout. Another thing you won’t want to do at a blackjack table makes a whole bunch of mistakes, for if you do so you will end up losing much quicker than you would if you knew the game inside out. So we have put together this hints and tips section of the blackjack Jam website, some of these may seem basic but by following them you will improve your blackjack gameplay.

Table Limits and Rules

All blackjack tables either online or offline will have a little sign on them usually to the left of the Dealer this sign will let you know the stake levels for that particular game. It is critical to you, as a player that you find a table that your bankroll can sustain, so one tip is that you find the table will the lowest limits, generally the lowest ones you will find in places like Vegas or online are around the $1 to $25 minimum bet range. You should also track down an online casino that will accept your wagers, this may sound strange but some blackjack sites don’t allow residents of certain countries to play in their casino.

Blackjack Comps and Bonuses

After you have found a casino and blackjack table with stake limits you are happy to play for make sure you visit the Comp or Loyalty Club, online casinos usually sign you up automatically. If however, you are playing at a land-based casino then you will have to sign yourself up as a member of the casino’s comp club before you play, and once you have done this the casino will then “comp” all your blackjack action.

All this means is that the casino will log your action and will then give you a few little freebies based on how much you are paying and for how long at their blackjack tables. When playing blackjack you will be amazed at how quickly these comps will add up and you will soon find yourself getting little extras such as free meals or even free rooms and the casino.

If you are playing at a land-based casino you will have to buy some chips before you start to play, online casinos do this automatically. To do this you must place your banknotes in front of you and the Dealer will change them for chips. Never be intimidated when playing blackjack a Dealer is there to help you if you are unsure of anything then ask, they will be only too happy to help.

If you choose to play blackjack online then you can get maximum value by making sure you claim one of the casino’s blackjack bonuses, these can be either a free no deposit required chip that Superior Casino offers. Or you could be given several hundred dollars of free money and then have a certain amount of time to win as much as you can, one casino that gives you their own money to play with is blackjack Ballroom. You could also get a money match bonus, this is when you make your first deposit the casino will match it dollar for dollar, if this sounds like your kind of bonus then visit Millionaire Casino, which will give you up to $1000 in bonuses!

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