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You can say that learning card counting is like getting your first-degree black belt in blackjack. Basic strategy players are totally better off than casual players who practice no strategy. However, comparing casual non-strategy players and card counters, you will find that they are worlds apart. We shall answer very basic questions about card counting.

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If you really want to learn how to count cards in blackjack then you should prepare for a complete course. The first question and this one comes up a lot of times, is a definition of card counting. Card counting is definitely not about memorizing each card dealt at a blackjack table. There is hardly any memorization at all when you practice card counting.

It is simply a method to track and analyze the ratio of high-value cards you get an idea of the probability of the type of cards that will be dealt later in the game. If there are more low cards left in the game, the probability is that you’ll lose more hands. If the opposite is true, then you can strike more wins later in the game.

The next question is the value of low cards and high cards. Low cards will mostly benefit the dealer while the high cards will be more beneficial to players in blackjack. To further answer that question we should take a glimpse at how the dealer plays blackjack hands. Dealers don’t play blackjack hands as the players do.

Dealers follow house rules with regard to how they play blackjack hands. If the rules state that dealers must hit on soft 17 then they should hit. Low cards become beneficial to dealers when they get stiff hands, as these will keep them safe from busting. High cards are better for players since these will make the dealer bust and give players more chances of getting blackjacks.

The next question is how do card counters gain the advantage in blackjack? By using card counting, a player can determine if there are more high cards or low cards left in the deck or shoe. Card counters can even get as high as a four-percent advantage in blackjack. Remember that you are not keeping tabs on which cards have been dealt. What a card counter does is analyze a probable ratio of the cards left in the shoe. The last question is whether card counters always win or not. Taking a middle ground in this matter, we can say that it will depend on a card counter’s skill. The card counting system or method one uses also has an effect on a player’s overall efficiency. After all, blackjack and card counting are really based on a player’s proficiency and skill.

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