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Registered adults will be able to enjoy the new slot machine through their mobile phones. The new three-line progressive slot machine, known as Fruit Fiesta will soon be available via cellular phones. Fruit Fiesta will be one of only two games offered. Until now, only Treasure Nile has been available through the Game Suite. Each bet is seventy-five pence and gives the player an equal chance of hitting the jackpot.

Fruit Fiesta is the latest installment from Spin Game. The game works in conjunction with Microgaming’s Casino Management System. Together these companies represent the most advanced developments available to mobile phone gaming.

Fruit Fiesta works by accumulating all the bets wagered by the players throughout the various telephone / mobile networks. From this money, they create a single jackpot. Fruit Fiesta and several other games are also available on the internet.

Games are available for download. Players can access everything from Roulette to Blackjack, poker to double magic slot, scratch card to Treasure Nile and of course, Fruit Fiesta. According to Spin Chief Executive, Matti Zinder, the company has enjoyed an exceedingly successful first year and the near launch of Fruit Fiesta will top it off.

Boasting already popular software such as the GameWire V2, Zinder suggests the addition of Fruit Fiesta is a demonstration not only of their success but also innovation. Spin is a leading developer and supplier of wireless casino systems. They have a worldwide market and reputation.

Spin has also found a partnership with the market leader of online gaming solutions. Microgaming. Between the two companies, they are supplying and leading the world with gaming solutions, both online and mobile gaming platforms. This is credited to Microgaming’s interactive Casino Management System.

GameWire V2 allows companies to check for age verification and account creation through the telephone. They also supply a range of games with enhanced graphics and menus making use and access far easier. Created in the mid-1990s, Microgaming has since been a leading supplier of online gaming technologies and solutions. Keeping both managers and punters in mind they maintain their reputation and their products as market leaders.