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Omaha Poker is similar to Texas Holdem in some respect. You play it with five cards, three community plus two hole cards, to make a hand. It has many variants such as Hi/Lo, 5 cards, 5 card Hi/Lo and others. The rules are pretty much the same but they differ in betting structures. Instructions on how to play them and which strategies to use can be found in our articles section. It can also be played in Pot, Limit, and Limit versions. Modern poker sites are reaping the benefits of online technology allowing players to connect on their own terms. With online poker, you are allowed to play at any time and any place you wish.

A Smartphone and an internet connection are sufficient.  Online versions of Omaha poker as well as other poker games come with plenty of bonuses that serve as an incentive and a thank you from the poker sites. The poker industry is in demand, and the competition rapidly growing so it’s no wonder they are competing to make players stay. We offer some of the best poker sites on the net, all safe and licensed. Just click on our links or banner, and you’ll be halfway there.

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Becoming a Casual Poker Player

After not playing a hand of poker in over a year, and not playing poker seriously in about 18 months I have decided to become a typical casual noob player. I plan on taking advantage of signup bonuses and affiliate bonuses and will see how much I can make playing $25NL and $50NL in a month or so. I’m far from gung ho to take up poker again so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’ll takes a month to play as many hands as I once played in a day.

Why am I doing this? Boredom, and curiosity mostly. I’m interested in how much I can make from these bonuses and through play. I’m interested in how my game may have changed, I’m guessing I’ll have similar preflop stats but will be timider when it comes to post-flop play, however, I’ll be playing lower limits with lower-quality players who will miss bluffing opportunities. I’m interested to see if I play one session and am just so done with poker that I remember why I left and cash out and reevaluate in another 18 months.

I’m still sour on the $7,500 I just left on there like a moron and then they disappeared. I’m guessing there are still bots and euro units plaguing sites like Party, but it could be fun to watch the players who take exactly 2 seconds to make a decision, always bet 3/4 pot, and always fold to 3-bets unless they have QQ-AA…how the botters can make money blows my mind.

I just realized my last post talks about suicide…then I disappeared for over a year, sorry about that, I’m sure everyone was worried.

I’m not setting a profit goal, but I’m expecting to deposit around $200. Likely get $50 from the site, and $100 from the affiliate, and make about $50 in play. I will update you sometime in the next week with where I signed up and how things are going.

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