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What separates experienced blackjack players from novice ones? Well, like in most gambling games, you can sort out the experienced gambling players by the way they play at hotc farmers market, by their knowledge of the game, and believe it or not, by the words that they use. Naturally, those who know nothing or a little about blackjack have little knowledge of the terms used in this gambling game. If you do not want to be mistaken as a novice gambling player of blackjack, then learn some of those blackjack terms. Listed below are some of the common ones.

Natural – This is another term for blackjack, which every gambling player hopes to get. This is because a natural is a hand that consists of a 10 and an ace, which amounts to twenty. Anyone who holds a natural wins the game.

Nickels – Playing blackjack in casinos requires gambling players to purchase chips. The slang for the chips worth five dollars each is nickel.

Paint – In blackjack, this is a type of card gambling players want to get. Paint is another term for the jacks, the queens and the kings, because they are paintings of images, unlike the other cards.

Pat Hand – If a gambling player has a hand amounting to seventeen in blackjack, then he has a pat hand.

Penetration – Before the dealer shuffles the cards, he deals out some of them. This act is called in gambling world the penetration.

Pit Boss – Each gambling game in a casino has a pit, like a poker has a poker pit, so as the blackjack which has a blackjack pit? Someone who handles this pit is called the pit boss.

Push – This is a situation in which the gambling player ties with the dealer. This means that the value of their hands is tied, no one is greater than the other. Therefore, there is nothing won or nothing lost.

Quarters – In the gambling world, if the nickel signifies the five-dollar chip, the quarter is the twenty-five-dollar one.

Shuffle – This is the act of jumbling the deck of cards, making the dealing of the cards more random. This is important in gambling games like blackjack where the dealers should always shuffle the cards well to avoid any arguments with the gambling players.

Single-Deck – usually, gambling players play blackjack using only a single deck. But, as time went by, gambling house operators became paranoid and insisted on using multiple decks to avoid card counting.

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