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Online Slots & Casino Games Always Choose the Best Casino

New casinos are popular among players as they usually offer very good launch promotions for a limited time after opening. Another reason to search for a new casino is to find bonuses new to you. Finding one guarantee that you get a bonus you never used before.

The chart below lists the new online casinos that look promising:

It’s not easy to tell in advance if a newcomer deserves to be recommended as only time can tell that. Every brand has to earn the trust of the player community by operating in a safe, fair and professional manner consistently for at least a few months. The newest online casinos listed here are based upon their record up to now all promise a long and smooth operation, one that players will reward with their trust.

There are some signs however that should be considered with any brand:

The design or quality of the website. Although a nice site contributes nothing directly to your gaming experience, the absence of it may indicate serious problems with a casino. Anyways, who wants to deposit to a casino that didn’t even bother to get an appealing web presence? Dead links on the site, non-existent pages and other failures of proper maintenance are also warning signs. Any new online casino that failed to deliver with these also failed to make it to our list.

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. We hate to read those, right? Yet we did it, as a lot of useful information is lying in there. New online casinos with missing or incomplete terms are clear calls to avoid. Some T&Cs although complete and fairly publicized, contain unfavorable conditions such as making payouts close to impossible. These operators are also excluded from this selection.

The corporate background is also an important factor; other casinos operated by the same company can give us a good reference for the management. Offshore companies are pretty common in the gambling industry so being one doesn’t mean a thing. But, needless to say, hiding these details means an automatic disqualification.

Bonuses offered. It’s not easy for new casino sites to get new players, so they do their best to make them register by offering opening promotions far better than industry averages. While this is the sweetest thing about them, this shouldn’t override any of the other aspects!

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