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Most players are allowed to play in the early stages of any tournament and this is part of the game where most players have the most experience playing. They also have plenty of chips here in relation to the table’s blinds. All players are equal at this stage, and you may find it tough to find any player willing to gamble at this point. Players at this point will not really want to get it all in and let the chips fall where they will.

Should you be able to find some player that is willing to play a larger pot then they will either have the guts to play or are looking to gamble. Another reason is that they might be looking to build a larger stack much earlier in the game simply by using a lot of aggression.

However, more times than not, though, the players will have the goods to back it up. You will see that it is best to play poker game by the book at this point It really doesn’t make any sense to make big moves here to steal the blinds seeing as the blinds are relatively not worth much when you compare to the rest of the stack. Your aim should be to make it through this stack with at least an average amount of chips, if not above average. This will give you much more maneuvering room as you enter the middle stage of the poker game.

This stage ranges from being extremely deep stacked at the start of the game to being much shorter stacked nearer the end. You will also find that this stage is quickly becoming much more valuable with every blind round bringing a potential for you to step closer to elimination. At this point, you will only be able to sit around and wait for the best hands.

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