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There has never been a time when BC.GAME let down its players. BC.GAME follows up its successful Coco Carnival with the debut of the RIO Carnival Event on February 17, 2023. BC.GAME has requested David Luiz to be a part of the next event. And since this is such a massive event, the industry has set aside a prize fund of up to $1.2 million.

BC.GAME additionally offers weekly cash prizes of up to $600 for official game members on top of the large prize pool. If all participants redeem their weekly rewards by the end of the competition, they will have won a total of $24,000.

After seeing the size of the prize money, many of you are probably wondering how to join up for the event. Don’t worry; this manual will walk you through the necessary procedures to get official RIO Carnival participant status.

How To Become Part Of the RIO Carnival Event?

Many people want to participate in the RIO Carnival because of the spectacular prizes they may win. Earning RIO coins is the only requirement for participation. You’ll need to win more RIO coins if you want a bigger piece of the $1.2 million prize pool. And how exactly do you plan to do that? Read further to know more.

Where Can I Get RIO Coins?

RIO coins are the event’s alternate currency. RIO coins may be obtained by various means, including making deposits or betting for the competition. For instance, if you deposit $1 into your account or place a wager of at least $2, you will get 1 RIO coin. It is important to note that you may use your money to place bets before receiving your RIO coins.

Login bonuses that may be redeemed for RIO coins are another perk of playing at the casino online. You’ll get between five and 10 RIO coins each time you check-in. You may also encourage your friends to join by sending them an invitation. In addition, you will get RIO coins for each referral that is accepted to the site.

Be informed that your account must be verified to earn RIO coins and become an official event participant. For your referrals’ activity to count toward your rewards, they, too, must have a verified account. Contrarily, participants found to be using numerous accounts would be disqualified and denied any further participation in the tournament.

What Should I Do With My RIO Coins?

You may exchange your RIO coins for BCD, increasing your odds of winning a sizeable portion of the $1.2 million prize pool.

Each RIO coin is worth one US dollar when exchanged at the RIO exchange. BC.GAME offers weekly rewards that may be exchanged for up to $600 in cash.

Below is each week’s list of redeemable BCD rewards after conversion. The required amount of RIO coins to claim the rewards are also listed.

  • 5 BCD = 1,500 RIO Coins
  • 50 BCD = 10,000 RIO Coins
  • 150 BCD = 28,000 RIO Coins
  • 250 BCD = 48,000 RIO Coins

After exchanging your RIO money into BCD successfully, the coins will be burnt promptly. For your convenience, BC.GAME replaces all of the prizes every Friday for the length of the event.

When Will RIO Carnival Event End

With the event stretching from February 17th, 2023, to March 16th, 2023, you have a whole month to rack up as many RIO coins as possible. If you use the system regularly, you may redeem up to $600 per week. Your RIO tokens will be deleted after the event. For this reason, you must cash out all your prizes before the competition ends. To access the event, visit

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