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Groupe Partouche is one of the software companies recently accredited by ECOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance). It is a prominent gambling group based in France and one of the best software suppliers for many gambling companies today. This company provides interactive and online services to many online companies in France. ECOGRA fully accredited Groupe Partouche as the company was able to meet the standards required for safe and fair gambling. Group Partouche obtain full accreditation from the compliance team of ECOGRA as it was able to conform to the terms set by ECOGRA. Other operations of Groupe Partouche like poker are still being processed and modified and will be further accredited after a complete in-house developmental procedure is accomplished.

Partouche Technologies is notably the best software provider of Groupe Partouche and also Groupe Partouche Interactive Gibraltar Limited is yet another faction that grants service to online companies and casinos. Partouche Technologies is located in close proximity to Tours in France. Under the administration of Mr. Nathalie Periera, the company provides mobile, iPhone, and Internet games. Aside from that, the company has suitable games for casinos such as scratch cards, skill games, poker, casino, and many others. Mms. Pereira was especially impressed with the performance of ECOGRA’s compliance team. She has much appreciated the rigorous process done by ECOGRA on their company. Well, Partouche Technologies has cooperated well along with its entire people. Mms. Periera also defined that Partouche Technologies had a great help and practice all the while following the strict standards of ECOGRA.

She too bespoke that ECOGRA’s services are to grant every monthly RNG review and poker RNG review by means of using the live data. Indeed, Mms. Pereira was impressed by the services provided to them by ECOGRA. Moreover, the accreditation operation by ECOGRA done for Partouche Technologies was handled by Shaun McCallagahan. He said that the accreditation was obtained through rigorous inspection, assessment, and monitoring of the activities of the company. McCallaghan remarked that Partouche Technologies provided great professionalism and commitment to further improvement of their company.

In addition, ECOGRA’s Chief Executive appreciated the efforts of Partouche Technologies. He said that all the necessary standards and steps were met by the company and it’s enough to show that the company has passed every aspect of inspection the ECOGRA compliance team was looking for. Specifically, ECORGA sets all the needed standards for online gambling companies and their operators, and indeed Partouche Technologies was able to fully abide by their standards.