How to Find the Best Keno Odds

Can anything be done to improve one’s chances of winning the jackpot in keno? No one has a guaranteed system for picking the right numbers. But let us see if something can be done to get the best keno odds and make the game more enjoyable for keno players playing at

Keno Pay Schedules

Just how many numbers should you wager on in keno? What bets have the best keno odds? There is no definite answer as no two casinos give exactly the same payouts in their keno games. Below is an example keno pay schedule you might find in a land-based casino:

Best Keno Odds Strategy

To get the best keno odds isn’t really possible. All keno games are structured so that the house advantage is more or less the same no matter what the pay schedules are. But there are a few things you can do to play

If you are only starting out, it is better to wager on only a few numbers. Pick the keno game that rewards you the most for the fewest bets. In other words, if you are going to bet $2, then find the best pay schedule that pays the most If there are bonus payouts like in some games, check them out.

Avoid wagering on too many numbers. The more numbers you choose, the more you have to catch in order to win a Fewer numbers also mean less pressure on you during the keno draw. You have to recognize a winning combination fast. If the next draw comes and you haven’t claimed your prize yet, you lose it for good.

Another strategy is to pick the same numbers and bet on them for several games, as many games as you like. Keeping favorite numbers – such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other meaningful dates – is fun and interesting. It appeals to superstitious types also.

You can also try saving your losing combinations. Keep these series of numbers and wager on them again in the future. However, you might want to bet on them either all of the time or never again. You don’t want to end up kicking yourself when you see the number series showing up just when you did not wager on it!

Playing Keno

Why play small time when you can dream big? Keno is one of those games that give you an opportunity to win a fortune for a small price. Granted, the odds against a bull’s eye on the jackpot are humongous, but given what you stand to win and the tiny risks involved, there is no reason not to try your luck in keno.