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Online Slots & Casino Games Always Choose the Best Casino

The only way you are going to know when to stop playing blackjack is by putting into place strict controls over your blackjack budget and by doing so you will know when to quit or reduce/increase your stake levels to lock in a profit. This statement may sound like common sense but it is often overlooked by players and can dramatically reduce your overall paybacks when playing blackjack.

You are going to need a big enough bankroll to allow you to ride out the ups and downs that are guaranteed to happen during your blackjack session. A good way of playing is to divide your stake by 35 then use that as your betting stake per hand. I.E. if you have $350 then $10 should be what you are betting per hand.

Next, you are going to have to set yourself a stop limit, this is the amount of cash that you are aiming to win during your blackjack session. A sensible figure should be between 50 and 100% of your bankroll. Once again using the figure of $350 as your initial bankroll, then aim to win 50% of your stop loss based on the same figure, so if you lose $175 of your original bankroll then call it a day and stop playing.

Choose The Best Blackjack Game

You do of course need to choose very carefully which Blackjack Game you are going to sit down and play and once you do start playing you need to play perfectly. There are a great many different ones to pick and you should be looking for the one with the best paybacks and lowest house edge.

One game we highly recommend comes from Microgaming and it is their Microgamings Vegas Strip blackjack game. not only does it have a very low house edge of just 0.36% when played with optimum strategy but you can also play it for free, so make sure you take a look at one of our strategy cards for this game to help improve your gameplay.

Blackjack Comps and Bonuses

Remember that every online casino will give you a bonus once you make a deposit and whenever you play in real money mode you will also be earning comps, so never overlook these little extras as they can increase the value of your gaming session.

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