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Blackjack is one of the popular game casinos. This is because of the fast-paced style of those impatient players. That’s why when playing Blackjack the money is also fast-paced. In a span of minutes, your cash could vanish faster if your luck is bad or have bad strategies.

A table of blackjack is easy to spot in a casino. It’s one where most people come out looking sad because they lost they seem to have lost money. Or they might have really lost money. A blackjack table is a semi-circle or half-circle table. The number of players it can only accommodate is about 7 players only.

On the other side of the table where the table seems to have been cut in half, the dealer will sit. Near the dealer will be the chip rack. Bet you wished it was a chick’s rack instead. The chip rack is where the chips are all stored.

Near the dealer is also a place where the dealer puts all the cards. It is usually placed in a box too. The dealer usually has lots of decks there to use and mix up to prolong the cycle of the game.

Imagine using 52 cards on 7 players, the dealer will have a hard time to keep on shuffling a single deck.

Then at the front of the dealer, there is a place where the dealer places his cards. The dealer will usually have one of his cards face up. This gives the players a chance to think about whether to hit or stand.

If the card faces up to the dealer as an ace, the players are asked if they would want insurance, because the dealer might hit blackjack.

On the opposite side will be the players. The dealer will then give cards clockwise to each player. The player at the utmost right side of the table will always be the first player to be asked to hit or stand. Then the same thing will be asked of the other players.

In front of the players just near them will be a place to put on their bets. Also in front of the players should be a white square box. That white square box should be where the dealer puts the cards of the players.

Near the table is also a charity box for all people who got broke playing blackjack too much, just kidding. Blackjack is a fun game if you know your limitations and have discipline in yourself.

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