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The blackjack game is extremely popular among players. It appeared in the 17-th century and since that time doesn’t lose its popularity. As you know, the game result depends not only on good luck but on the players’ decisions. So gamblers usually try to use some blackjack strategies to increase their winning chances. The most popular and effective of them is card counting.

To become a successful card counter one should possess good memorizing and calculating skills (as you guess, it is not allowed to use pens and notebooks while playing blackjack). The main aim of card counting is to define the positive high score for the gambler. The cards have their special values while the card counting procedure:

2s and 6s have a +1 value.
Cards from 10s to Aces have a -1 value.
7s, 8s and 9s have the 0 value.
According to the online gambling tip concerning the blackjack card counting strategy, the count starts with a 0 score.

Who Can Count Cards?

Don’t think that the card counting process is as simple, as it is described. To become a successful blackjack card counter, one should practice a lot and train his/her master for quite a long period of time. You don’t need special extraordinary skills, but you need a lot of patience and insistence. Each person can master this strategy if he/she is interested in it.

Card Counting Popular Systems
Canfield Expert System. The strategy is developed for a single-deck blackjack and its objective is to maximize playing efficiency. It is one of the simplest strategies, which we recommend to use novice blackjack card counters.
Hi/Low Card Counting Technique. It is easy for learning and practices the system. Experienced card counters advise using only this strategy, as it is the easiest and most effective one. It is a more complicated card counting system, balanced and created to optimize wagering decisions.

Gambling Strategies

If you are looking for the perfect betting strategy, you maybe heard about the Martingale system. The majority of experienced gamblers are not using it, because it is bad. It only looks good for beginners, but the system has many problems. However, many strategies were developed using this system as a model. Gambling Strategies Briefly, the martingale strategy tells you to bet more while you are losing because if you win only one time, you will recover all the lost money. As the strategy sounds good in theory, it requires a major investment for the possibility to win a few bucks. This is a negative progressive gambling strategy. Let’s have a look at the positive progressive strategies.

The Doubling Strategy

Let’s suppose you are betting 1 dollar on a simple game of blackjack. If you win it, you will have to bet dollars for the next round. This is the moment when you win or lose. If you lose this one, you will have a result of dollars overall. The odds for blackjack are always 2:1, so if you win the second round, you will have a net win of dollars after the second round. Here is the catch: you will have to bet less than your total current net win. In our example, you will have to bet 3 for the third round. If you win it, you will have a net win of 6.5 dollars, allowing you to bet 6 for the fourth round. If you lose this third hand, at least you will remain with 0.5 dollars as earnings. The advantage of this technique is the high possibility of winning, but it also has a disadvantage: if you are losing the second round, you will lose overall.

The Progressive Positive Strategy

This resembles the first strategy. However, the only difference is that you will have to triple your bet every time you are winning. Having those strategies as a model will allow you to develop other strategies based on the same principles.

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