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Whilst most players will be quite happy with the way the standard Roulette games play and operate, some of you may be seeking a more exotic type of playing style, and if so then allow us to introduce you to the relatively new game of Pinball Roulette, which will offer you a brand new way of playing Roulette online.

The betting layout on the Pinball Roulette game is just like that found on the European Roulette table, however, once you have made your betting decisions and clicked on the Bet button then a new screen will launch, and here you will see a Pinball type game whereby a plunger needs to be pulled to set the ball in motion and then the ball will then drop down the screen.

At the bottom of the Pinball Roulette game are all of the number wells, however, these will be constantly moving from right to left and as such you will never really know which number well the ball is going to land in until the ball makes its way into one of them via the obstacles on the Pinball track!

Pinball Roulette Bets and Payouts

The Pinball Roulette betting options are just the same as those found on the European Roulette table and there are thirty-six numbers on the layout along with the one single zero. Simply point and click your chip or chips onto any of the betting positions and click Bet to set the Pinball Roulette game in motion.

Should any of your wagers be winning ones then you are offered a special gamble-type game, if you opt to take this gamble then a new Pinball game will launch, and the aim of this is for you to hit one of the multipliers which are in various position on this gambling game, however, should you not hit any of them then your gamble has lost!

You could win a multiplier that is worth up to ten times your total gambled amount, so when things go to plan then this gambling game can be quite a profitable one to play! Due to the fact that you can gamble any winning wager you have played, this can lead to some players becoming obsessed with taking this option every time a winning spin has been achieved, however, one tip we should offer you is to only use this gamble option sparingly as it can eat away at your bankroll very quickly if you do not win on this gamble game time and time again!

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